Women’s Issues

Women’s mental health therapy

Women today face a myriad of challenges that impact their well-being and view of self. While mental health-related concerns impact both men and women, symptoms frequently present in different ways. Additionally, the hormonal changes that occur throughout the female lifespan contribute to changes in mental and physical health. There is a negative condonation that has followed women throughout the course of history with regard to how they express their emotions. All too often, women are faulted for being “too emotional” or that hormones are making women act a certain way. It used to be believed that certain areas of the female brain were different sizes than males, leading them to be more emotional. More recent science has proven this to be untrue and more a result of gender-based stereotypes. These stereotypes remain active in today’s society, further contributing to difficulties related to women’s’ mental health. Some challenges women experience are anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, relationship difficulties, and life transitions. Biological, environmental, and individual differences all contribute to these challenges and can change over time.

Evidence-based therapy for women

An added complexity is the overwhelming presence of social media where women are idealized and portrayed in unrealistic ways. As a result, women, especially those younger in age are more likely to experience negative thoughts about their appearance and feel pressure about looking a certain way. Consequently, areas of functioning such as sleep, school or work, and relationships can be negatively impacted.

If you or someone you care about are experiencing challenges related to these topics, please reach out. My hope is that we can work collaboratively together to establish a more meaningful view of self and satisfaction with your life trajectory.

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