Paul Doolan, Psy.D.

Over a decade helping others professionally

I am a licensed psychologist who started in the mental health industry in 2010. Over my career, I have worked in hospitals, prisons, and outpatient practices as part of multidisciplinary teams where the primary goal was to return the person to a meaningful life. In 2016, my career took me to Fairfield County, Connecticut where I ultimately acted as the Clinical Director for an outpatient practice serving emerging adult men ages 17-30 struggling with a myriad of academic, career, wellness, and clinical issues.

Quality therapy for young men

In 2019, I started Polaris Psychological Services where I continue to work with adolescent and emerging adult men ages 12-35 in their journey to overcome mental health challenges and forge a meaningful life. The vast majority of my clinical experience has included helping adolescent and emerging adult men, more effectively navigate psychologically distressing experiences and processes.

A qualified men’s therapist for Fairfield County

While not always the identified reason for engaging in the therapeutic work, I have found that the young men with whom I work naturally introduce issues pertaining to masculinity. What does a psychologically well-adjusted young man look like at school or work, or in relationships? My experience has informed me that these are conversations not often had at school or work settings, or within families and friend groups. Qualitatively, I have found that this is particularly true in Fairfield County.

Throughout my career, I have employed a variety of evidence-based treatment approaches, which include cognitive-behavioral therapy, exposure-based therapies, and motivational interviewing. These approaches are particularly effective in treating anxiety, depression, substance use behaviors, relationship issues, and the psychological phenomenon called “failure to launch syndrome.” I have also often utilized psychological testing and assessment to inform diagnostic clarification and treatment planning.

A holistic approach to mental health

Additionally, I conceptualize my work from a holistic perspective which is to say that I am sensitive to assessing if/when supplementing care with professionals in other disciplines is in the best interest of the person with whom I am working. Typically, I communicate these recommendations at the beginning (first few weeks) of the work and when the person would most likely benefit from or be able to engage in the supplemental work.

To be frank, there are quite a few mental health providers, especially in Fairfield County that are quite skilled in the application of much of the abovementioned psychological science, but over the last several years, I have had particular success at applying psychological treatments to adolescent and emerging adult men who vary on how motivated they are to engage in a therapeutic process. It is here where I am particularly passionate. I am incredibly grateful to be doing this work and to be welcomed in by the young men and their families with whom I have worked.

If you or a loved one are looking for a professional to work to overcome mental health challenges and forge a meaningful life then reach out and let us begin.

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