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Our Specialty

Quality counseling for adolescents and emerging adults

The work

We have years of experience engaging young men and women in evidence-based counseling. The reason for a person’s engagement can vary as widely as the person’s motivation to manifest the collaboratively identified goals. Anxiety, depression, anger management, relationships issues, identify formation, and substance use are often oversimplifications of the work. This is true because we seek not only to ameliorate psychological distress but to add purpose and direction in what are critical periods in a person’s life.

We are particularly adept at fostering motivation because a portion of our clients are strongly encouraged to engage in the work by a loved one and they can be ambivalent or resistant to make change.

Why Us

Working with young men and women is complex. Sometimes developing a trusting relationship can be among the most challenging tasks. We seek to understand what is affecting a person’s life in more ways than simply being able to list diagnostic symptoms. Further, we understand that these young men and women do not exist in a vacuum and it is essential to appreciate the systems in which they exist. Depending on the person’s level of comfort, this could mean that we incorporate family members, school personnel, or other important people in their lives. Our holistic and team-oriented approach in working with young men and women make us unique. We are passionate about our work and humbled by a persons’ willingness and ability to challenge themselves particularly in what can be a tumultuous time.
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Meet the Team

Paul Doolan & Andrea Arruda

We have both a solid foundation of the psychological science as well as experience in artfully applying psychology’s evidence base with each person (not just an academic who understands the theory and practice of psychology but can also apply our knowledge, training, and experience to a wide range of adolescents and emerging adults sensitive to relational variables).

The Experience You Need

We have years of experience applying both the science and art of psychology to our therapeutic work with adolescents and emerging adults struggling with emotional and social issues and ultimately with conceptualizing a meaningful life.

Fairfield County Specialists

We have particular familiarity of the systemic and cultural influences that adolescents and adults experience in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

A Healthier You

We are skilled in assessing where a person is and developing a holistic approach that may or may not involve working with providers across disciplines to bridge each person to a healthier and more fulfilled version of themselves.