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Our Specialty

Quality counseling for adolescents and emerging adults

Our experience

A therapeutic process can be, and often is, challenging, and the prospect of beginning such a process can seem daunting. We have years of experience working with individuals who are either ambivalent or hopeless about changing their behavior despite their wanting to experience some reprieve from their distress. Their ambivalence or hopelessness has often been due to low motivation or poor previous treatment experiences, the latter of which could have been due to any number of reasons.

Unburden yourself

We want to convey a hopeful sentiment that it is possible to unburden yourself from issues related to anxiety (in its many forms), depression, identity, masculinity, and many other concerns by engaging in an evidence-based, therapeutic process. Further, if you are ambivalent or hopeless about participating in a therapeutic process, that does not preclude you from obtaining a positive outcome when you decide to commit to therapy. We will meet you where ever you would like to start and together we will get you to where you would like to go.
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Meet the Team

Paul Doolan & Andrea Arruda

We have both a solid foundation of the psychological science as well as experience in artfully applying psychology’s evidence base with each person (not just an academic who understands the theory and practice of psychology but can also apply our knowledge, training, and experience to a wide range of adolescents and emerging adults sensitive to relational variables).

The Experience You Need

We have years of experience applying both the science and art of psychology to our therapeutic work with adolescents and emerging adults struggling with emotional and social issues and ultimately with conceptualizing a meaningful life.

Fairfield County Specialists

We have particular familiarity of the systemic and cultural influences that adolescents and adults experience in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

A Healthier You

We are skilled in assessing where a person is and developing a holistic approach that may or may not involve working with providers across disciplines to bridge each person to a healthier and more fulfilled version of themselves.