Andrea Arruda, Psy.D.

Over a decade helping others professionally

I am a licensed psychologist who started in the mental health field in 2010. I have worked with children, adolescents, and adults in court, hospital, and outpatient settings. Over the last several years of working in Fairfield County, I provided individual therapy and psychoeducational testing services to children, adolescents, and emerging adults (primarily girls/women) experiencing a diverse array of challenges.

Quality therapy for women

Although not confined to just the young women in Fairfield County, the young women with whom I work face immense pressure and distress. While it ultimately stems from several places, social media is often a significant focus in the work. Young women or parents of adolescent and emerging adult women reach out to me to help with anxiety, depression, negative self-image, social challenges, and school and career dissatisfaction. These common areas of focus tend to become magnified when the young woman is in the process of a significant life transition (e.g., moving, evolving friend group, graduating high school/college, etcetera).

Evidence-based therapy for Fairfield County

To aid clients, I utilize evidence-based approaches (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing) to help people reach their goals. Often, I incorporate creative means to deliver such interventions to augment a person’s engagement in the process.

As a psychologist, I strive to support each person’s autonomy while providing them the space to work through the emotional and social obstacles, develop a sense of mastery over what had burdened them, and ultimately construct meaning in place of what was psychologically overwhelming. I understand that not everyone engaging in the therapeutic process is in a place where they are ready to make changes. I also appreciate that motivation is fluid and can be responsive to particular psychological approaches. At the beginning of the work, I meet each person wherever they are in their journey and collaboratively construct a plan to actualize their goals. Working with adolescent and emerging adult women on the above areas has been incredibly meaningful to me.

Psychological testing services

In addition to therapy, I also have years of experience providing psychological testing services. More specifically, psychoeducational evaluations are a valuable resource for many as it provides not only a broad view of a person’s strengths and areas of difficulties it allows for an in-depth assessment of a person’s memory, executive functioning, and academic abilities. The results are then used to provide individualized academic and psychological recommendations. These recommendations can be invaluable in assisting the person to achieve and realize their potential rather than internalize a skewed perception of their academic, emotional, and social abilities.

If any of the above speaks to your or a loved one’s experience or would like to know more about how I might be able to help support you, please reach out.

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