Psychoeducational Testing

Valuable psychological testing services

Psychoeducational testing is an incredibly valuable service. It is often needed when a person is looking for diagnostic clarification, strength and vulnerability profiles, and/or academic, career, or treatment recommendations which can specifically include accommodations. People (especially adolescents and emerging adults) can experience a significant deviation in behavior or functioning and testing can be helpful in providing a deeper understanding of the factors driving such a change and, most importantly, guidance on how best to move forward.

What is the psychoeducational testing process?

Procedurally speaking, the testing process often begins with a comprehensive intake to gather information about presenting concerns and relevant background information. The assessments used in the evaluation aid in determining the individuals’ level of functioning across various domains. Depending on the type of assessment(s), the format typically includes written, question and answer, or computerized procedures completed with the examiner. When all the assessments are complete, the data will be analyzed and interpreted in an in-depth manner. Once the interpretation of all data is completed, a written report is provided, and a feedback session is completed to help comprehensively review the results. It is possible that because of the referral reason, we agree to amend any part of the abovementioned testing process. We will discuss in more detail and ultimately come to an agreement before the beginning of the testing process.

To those people with little to no experience navigating the testing process, it can be overwhelming. We have years of experience in helping guide people through the process where, in the end, they have more clarity and confidence about how best to move forward in a way that maximizes their potential.

Please reach out if you have any questions about the testing process.

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